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Lost on August 17, 1943
B17F-10-DL "Dame Satan" Serial 42-2990

"Dame Satan" 42-2990 (LG-R)

(Back Left to Right) T/Sgt. James LaGrossa E; T/Sgt. Daniel J. Butler R;
Leanord Panora; S/Sgt.Thomas A. Parfitt
WG; Bill Priebe; J. C. Bull.

(Front Left to Right) Capt. Santura, Capt. Bullock, Major R. B. Campbell P; Oliver Hackworth, Lt. Prebe

The pilots name in this photo is Capt. R.B. Campbell. The photo was taken on April 21, 1943.
[photo from
91st BG Website ]

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Boeing B-17F-10-DL "Dame Satan"

91 BG
322 BS


Aug. 17, 1943

Hit by a 109


Crash Location
Wannebecq (Bel)

2 KIA, 4POW, 4EVD,

MACR 277

Extract from PIECES OF NOSTALGIA by Bill Turcotte (contributed by Dave Hanst)

So it was when the 322nd led the 91st Group on the first Schweinfurt mission, August 17, 1943, our 4th with all original aircrew.
ME-109s and FW-190s attacked head on, wings blazing, peeling off belly up below us.
Repeated passes wing to wing and the Hargis aircrew on our left wing in "Dame Satan" (42-2990) was hit by a 109 that came barely over our left wing. I watched as it left formation.
Over the ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt, bombs raked the target area, and great columns of brown smoke and dust were rising.
I hardly noticed the flak in the absence of fighters. They met us again and again on the way out. All ammunition in the nose was expended. Hot cartridge cases were 3 inches deep and burned your ankles.
We made it, but 4 of the 322nd crews went down, including "Dame Satan".
Fifty years later, I learned their fate, although I had heard that some of the crew were P.O.W.s. ...

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