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View of Heinz Knoke's old home-town before the war
View of the town before the war
Plane view of Hamelin today
Plane view of Hamelin


 [Februar 22 , 1944]

Type of claimed plane

 B-17 Flying Fortress
Detail 2
"Hamelin is directly below.
The blazing Fortress dives ever more steeply, ans soon ii is in a vertical spin. It crashes in a pasture beside the river at the south end of my old home-town.
...The pasture directly across the river was the one from which as a boy I had taken off for my firstflight during that air display so long ago."


 Februar 24 , 1944

Type of crashed plane

 Bf 109G

 Detail 3

"At the moment a second aircraft comes hurtling down out of the sky. It crashes in a lumber-yard at the south end of Hamelin, on the premises of the Kaminski wagons-manufacturing and repair workshops. It was my wingman, the young Corporal [Kreuger]. This was his first mission."

Personal comments

in the book "JG1 et JG11" from Prien & Rodeike a loss for 5.JG11 is registered february 24 ,1944 with a crash location "Ortsrand von Emmern, Süddlich Hameln".
Pilote was killed : Gefreiter (Corporal) Oswald Kubisch.

The legends of these photos are given under reserve,
any information being able to clarify their origin, and guarantee place date and persons will be the welcomes.
Thank you beforehand.

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